New API Pricing Update Starting 2024

Starting January 1st, 2024, FBS is introducing new developer pricing for our APIs.

Spark API pricing is currently based on request volume across all MLSs, and we’ve received feedback that many find this pricing confusing as it is inconsistent with the fees most MLSs charge for accessing the data. In response to this feedback, FBS is simplifying developer pricing for the APIs by charging a flat fee of $50 per month per MLS.

Per MLS Pricing Details

API pricing is simpler than ever and much easier to understand.

  • FBS will charge $50/mo for each MLS a developer can access via our APIs. Multiple API keys for one MLS will incur only one $50/mo charge.
    • Broker/Agent’s Own Data API keys (PDAP) will not be charged at all, except in cases of extreme request volume.
  • Access to each MLS will come with a high number of included requests. The majority of API developers will no longer see any per-request fees; FBS will only charge overage fees for very high monthly request volumes.
    • Monthly API request limits are determined by the number of accessible MLSs, Broker/Agent’s Own Data subscriptions, and MLS-created developer-accepted API keys. Developers pay a per-request fee once that limit is exceeded.
  • API keys created by the MLS and accepted by a developer via email invitation are subject to a $50/mo fee. These are separate from all other regular data plan subscription charges and request volume counts.

New Pricing Timeline

  • New API pricing goes into effect January 1st, 2024.
  • Monthly API charges are billed in the first week of the following month, so developers will see their first updated bills in early February.
  • IMPORTANT: FBS is waiving all overage charges for January and February 2024. The API bills for January and February use (charged in early February and March) will list developer request volumes, along with any overage charge that would have been incurred. Developers will also receive email alerts as they approach and as they exceed their monthly request quota. Developers should review their monthly request volumes and make any necessary adjustments to avoid overage charges starting in March 2024.

Please contact with any questions or concerns.