FBS API Usage Fee


FBS Current API Usage Fee: Here is a write-up directed towards the subscriber of the data plan. Notably, we don’t ask them to self-select into one of the service levels. Instead, they’re billed on a monthly basis using the most cost effective plan.

  • You can find pricing information here (scroll down to “Only Need Data From Specific MLSs?” section):

    • If an MLS you want access to offers a data plan via our Datamart, you would need to subscribe to that MLS to get an API key with the appropriate permissions. Each month, you will be charged at whatever service level results in the lowest monthly bill. You only ever have to pay the API usage fee ($40, $199, $499, or $999) once a month, regardless of how many data plans you are enrolled in or how many different API keys you have. Your request cost would reflect the combined request volume from all your API keys.

    • Some MLS data plans have initial setup fees, monthly fees, or yearly fees associated with them, while others do not. The data plans and associated fees are determined by each MLS and separate from other fees. We do not charge MLSs directly.